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My skin has improved dramatically since incorporating Facial Body Cleanser- 3 and Resurfacing Gel 15 into my home care regime. These products have transformed my skin over a short period of time, so many people have commented on how nice my skin looks and ask what it is I have been doing. My skin is the best it has ever been since I have been using Intaglio; I accredit the difference to their unbuffered, fragrance-free glycolic formulations.

Lead Aesthetician, Ritz Carlton Hotel Spa, Naples, Florida


Intaglio Training:
We compare all other vendor training to that which Brenda and Jill from Intaglio provide. Her professionalism and organization set her apart from all other trainers and companies. They have worked in the industry for many years in various roles and this enables them to relate with the employees here are the Ritz-Carlton, Naples like no other. Our sales have increased dramatically and the staff morale in the esthetics department has greatly improved with their inspiring words and motivation.

Spa Director, Ritz Carlton Hotel Spa, Naples, Florida


I thought the educator l was an excellent speaker and educator. She knew every little detail about the Intaglio products and explained things in a way I could understand. She has a great personality and really made things fun. I felt like I learned so much in just two days and I know it has helped boost my confidence in my skin repair treatments and in retailing.

After she talked to us and taught us about Intaglio I really have become a firm believer in the products and since then I can tell my skin is softer and glowing. I just know that by using Intaglio in my facials people will really start to see a difference in their skin and will want to buy the products to keep it up at home. I honestly think that Intaglio is probably the best product on the market.

Claire Robison
The Creative Touch Day Spa and Salon, Mississippi, USA

The training that was held in our spa was incredible. They gave principle based information. Product placement and knowledge were clear and thorough. There is no way for me to convey exactly how pleased I was both with education and the new products.

Since the class, our retail to service percentages has increased to 25% on average for the service providers who attended. Obviously, this is a direct benefit of having knowledge.

Brenda and Jill have a real gift. Their enthusiasm is contagious. My staff is excited and now have the confidence and knowledge to better serve their guest.

Thank you for inspiring us!

Sarah McDonald (Spa Owner)
The Creative Touch Day Spa and Salon


I thought they did a great job educating us about Intaglio They have such great personality and I love her enthusiasm, the fact that she gets so excited explaining products and how they work lets me know she believes in the Intaglio products. She made learning a lot of fun and made it easier for me to understand by drawing diagrams. I learned a lot the two days she was at the Creative Touch. I feel confident explaining the products to clients. I look forward to extended education with them again I just got better

Intaglio has the products to make real changes in skin repair and maintenance. I am excited about the products and sharing education with my clients.

Ashley Smith
Creative Touch Day Spa and Salon

I have been an acne sufferer for years; I have had access to many products (work in the spa industry) and tried many products for acne with no luck. I truly thought that this was something I was going to live with for the rest of my life. I got introduced to Intaglio about 6 years ago; I was intrigued with the pharmaceutical grade, no fragrance, as my skin is quite sensitive. I put myself on a complete acne homecare program and I can honestly say within 2 months my acne had gone. I have worked with a couple of other glycolic lines but truly this was the one that transformed my life. After years of emotional stress, I look at my skin today, I have no acne, no scarring, my skin is smooth and it is rare that I get a breakout anymore. Intaglio truly is a miracle product!!

Ex acne sufferer, Spa Consultant, USA

Distributor Client Letter:

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful Intaglio Advanced Training Class on March 31st 08.
I thoroughly enjoyed Jill and felt inspired and encourage with her class. I have felt frustrated when I had questions and concerns that I didn’t have a “professional connection” with and her willingness to help was so genuine.

I am looking to expand my Intaglio business in the salon and I believe Jill has given me the courage and confidence I was lacking. She and I have been in touch through email and I trust will continue to do so.

Frankly, I think this is by far the best class I’ve had in many years and I appreciate your providing us with THE BEST!!

Jackie Servais
(Minnesota USA)